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I come from your typical dance background. I began student teaching before I was old enough for a worker's permit, danced through college, walked away, came back and walked away again. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BA in English but could never quite let go of the dream. In the summer of 2015, I moved to Austin, TX to spend just a little more time with my first love before it was too late. I was tiptoeing towards 30 with the joints of a 75 year old! During my time in ATX, I taught, choreographed, performed professionally (Verge Dance Company, Reverence Dance Project and Andrea Torres Dance Company to name a few), collaborated and worked behind the scenes as an office manager/program coordinator for Alisa's Dance Academy. It was my everything. 

However, after starting my family, I knew that I wanted to make some changes. I loved my existence in the performance arts but I wanted to redirect the the time and energy that I dedicated to the studio. Long nights, inconsistent weekends and little time for anyone who wasn't in my immediate dance family. My plight isn't unique and I'm sure, as you read this, you're probably nodding your head in agreement.

So in order to change the trajectory of my life without sacrificing my passion, I founded Ezra Virtual Assistance in the spring of 2020 (brand new baby!); not just for me, but for us. The dance community extends beyond state lines, color lines and broken lines (whew chile) so my goal is to meet you where you are and offer my assistance. The life of a teacher/owner/director (or all of the above) is chaotic, to say the least. Let me help you create some peace.  

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